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Dear all,

We are unfortunately facing a time of hardship with the coronavirus outbreak present, putting us yet again into another lockdown. With the nature of our business being an emergency service for plumbing, heating and gas in the construction industry, we are considered an essential business, so will be operating as normal, with the exception of further safety precautions with our staff, tradesmen and customers.

All our tradesmen will be fully equipped with supplies of masks and gloves, and are provided hand sanitiser which we've instructed to use before and after each job. In addition to this, if customers opt to pay using our card machines, this will already be disinfected, so customers do not need to hesitate to use this method of payment. They will also be practising their 2m social distance as much as possible with our clients. We are not expecting our tradesmen to wear our masks unless a client has symptoms, are elderly or a client requests this.

We regularly update our workforce on COVID-19 so they are well informed on the symptoms and general hygiene measures. We check on our tradesmen on a daily basis to ensure they are well to enter our clients homes to carry out work safely. 

- DSM Plumbing

nhs covid 19 stay safe message
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